Does someone know why tf router.navigate doesnt initalize the given component in Angular 5?
Stackoverflow doesnt provide the required answer...
The component is called (and works) if i reload the page on the correct url. Even the URL in the adressbar changes on router.navigate.
pls no h8

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    @oneinazillion13 my github repo:
    Thanks a lot.
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    @oneinazillion13 logout and articles. Nearly anyone except.login and home (in src/page)
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    @d4rkmindz @oneinazillion13 i think the app-routing is misconfigured. I need a guard for those routes.maybe is canActivate the wrong one.
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    @oneinazillion13 :lang should be an dynamic part of the URL that is either de,fr,en or it. Should it be /:lang?
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    @oneinazillion13 i need a page with mat components and a sidebar & navigation that is hidden while the use is not logged in. I also want to have a http service, that makes every request (using the angular http client).
    In short:
    An app with a login and some authorizations (some users can see less pages than others)
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    @oneinazillion13 thanks a lot
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