What are the thoughts of privacy conscious people about quantum computers? As far as I understand current TLS version encryption method is vulnerable to quantum computers, thus if your ISP or other agencies store all your traffic data right now, they'll be able to decrypt it after gaining access to quantum computers.

One way to secure your privacy would be to use your own VPN that uses encryption method that is quantum-resistant, but again the VPN would be using TLS to connect to the Internet.

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    @linuxxx, I know there is a shit ton of privacy people on devRant, but linuxxx is the only name I can remember.
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    1. NSA or similar agencies are not commercial.

    2. Not the issue I'm talking about, I'm saying that today's network traffic will be decryptable by quantum computers. Just because the traffic is 3 or 5 years old it doesn't mean that it doesn't concern your privacy.
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    Quantum computers will be able to crack about every algo that exists today as they are 100x+ as fast. Multiple companies and open source projects are working on solutions though!
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    @linuxxx they are not exactly 100x faster, they are just pretty good with math problems like integer factorization. Quantum computers don't really pose a threat on symmetric encryption, just most asymmetric encryption methods since these methods rely on the slowness of integer factorization on classical computers.

    Anyways, it's possible to use SIDH with TLS 1.3 to get quantum resistant encryption.
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    @AlpineLinnix Yup!

    @sSam it wasn't meant as a definite number, just an example :)
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