I am a simple person, and i life by simple rules. Doing all necessary tasks of the day eat/sleep/work/socialize. Keeping myself and people around me in a good shape, without bothering anyone.

And then i see the majority of humanity. wasting their existance, poising their body making their brain numb with smoking, drinking and all sorts of drugs, caring only for themself and bothering others.

Please fellow devs rais your kids properly, dont let them become a worse generation then what was the last 50 years. Give them the present of logical thinking and show them kindness while also showing them the harshness of life.

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    ++ for logical thinking and kindness.
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    I don't think drinking/smocking is a problem.

    Stuff are poison only on some quantities.
    Let people have fun from time to time.

    (but don't let them start to young!)
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    @lumy then how much of a quantity is enough to kill some braincells? I leave the research up to you.

    Also whats fun on taking drugs? I mean it is no prerequisit to have fun, it does take a tole for having fun with it. And you definitly can have much more fun for a larger while by doing literally anything else then drugs. So whats the pourpos of it?
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    @Hammster you’re bothering..
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    @Hammster well could we define drugs? I mean there is alot of stuff working on your brain an modifying your perception. Coffee for example.
    So I'm juste saying don't judge, people have fun however they want. Yeah drugs do. Brain damage, but enjoying life as well, how many cell die when you hit your head on something?

    I know these arguments are probably bad, but i think it really depends for people and environment.
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    @lumy no worries i understand what you want to say. Since the word drug is very broad, let me be more specific. Things the body does not need and are hurtfull to the body. Things that can be 100% avoided.
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    @lumy @Hammster Teach them to think on their own and to make deliberate choices.

    Also encourage them in their passions. It's sad if someone's life is just surviving until the next dose. Make them have a life more meaningful than that.
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    @Hammster i see your definition, and there is alot of stuff we don't need but still takes. Alcohol, coffee. And still there is a step (different size for everyone), between recreational and addiction, but as @electrineer made a point, whatever they take they shouldn't be living for the next dose/drop/shot they should be living for themselves first, for the beauty of the mind and what we're capable of doing when we want.

    I think that's my point, taking whatever drugs isn't incompatible with having a goal. I guess there is a balance that's different for everyone and it's very fast to fall in the wrong side, and very hard to realize it.

    I'm obviously not talking about really high/dangerous drugs, crocodile drug or heroine {...} , my guess is the chemical stuff is way to powerful/dangerous/addictive, i wanna say non natural but it's not a good argument so, more mixed with really really bad stuff for our body. But truth I've no idea never tried.

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    @Hammster @electrineer
    But a wise man (i think it's wise) said once:
    The smoker of weed look at cocaïnoguy and say I'm not as bad as him.
    The cocaïnoguy look at the guy under lsd and say I'm not as bad as him.
    The guy under lsd follow the butterfly and enjoy his life.
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