I was 33 and it was 1996 when I decided I was interested in programming. I really enjoyed it and made decent money. Things have been rough the last 3 years in regard to my career. I went from being a top performer to getting bad performance reviews and getting let go from jobs. I have started my own business but it is not making a profit yet. I write good reliable but I am slow because I test and try to write clean code. I have also tried to avoid working with a couple of hot js frameworks because I find javascript frameworks annoying. My husband says it is time to do something else like becoming a project manager. I might get my pmp but continue to work on my side project. I love programming but have some major disappointments lately.

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    U need some time off to get your head back I'm the game try to rediscover the reason you got into coding the first place
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    Yes but in my town they don't make much. I should probably look into it. I like automated testing so I might like that.
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