I had a small .NET PoC project I wanted to upload to our git server. So added the project to version control using Visual Studio, meaning that VS created a local repository for it. Then I wanted to push it to the remote repository which were created by my colleague. This one was initialized with a commit (.gitignore and Readme.md), so I couldn't push directly. Googled a bit, OK then tried to fetch the remote repo, didn't help. Googled again, tried some "git push origin master whatever" stuff and then rebate, because nothing seemed to help.
OOPS where are my local files? WTF? 😣

Long story short: Experience in other version control systems is not enough or even dangerous when switching over to git. 😂

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    Your fatal mistake was using Visual Studio git tools. NAEVER EVER USE THOSE THINGS. Never had success with it and causes lots of troubles.
    Just go with old school way, open git bash and do your stuff
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    Maybe but at first I should learn how to use git at all. :D
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    I second this. I was learning git with my friend and he used VSC. We tried to get his almost ready thesis work git and github. We ended up deleting all his work...

    Luckily he had backups in a zip file! :D heart skipped few beats though.

    I think the only use for GUI with git is when you need to merge branches with conflicts.
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    @okkimus I find it strange how microsoft keeps these things in VS, it is a total pain and like you said, only good for checking merge branches
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