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    Did he really posted this?
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    I bought my first ever vaporiser for 420.

    Gosh its a pleasure to code when vaping :)

    NO more tabacco, efficient somking, clean high, clean desk, no papers or lighters. Just green and smile ;)
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    @hackour Damn. I really hoped he did. That was his style.
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    @alanturingisgod nope. This might be in the 9gag lol
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    @sd97 You obviously never had a good vape then.
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    Which do you think is best one? Thinking about buying the pax 3

    @beggarboy @santaclauze
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    @user11001, i got this one as i couldn't justify spending too much at the moment. It was on sale for 50%.


    Its good.

    Battery short, but i always have it in my home office so no realy biggie.

    Great feeling and tatse.

    7 heating settings.

    I use 4 5 and 6, so use the same portion forcmultiple sessions.

    Then i smoke the left overs. I use the same amount about 2.5 more times than when i was just smoking it.

    No need for papers, tobacco or lighter. My desk is clean now ;)

    Only issue is sometimes the amiunt of smoke which is a. Bit low, and im french, i spent half my life smoking a packet of strong tobacco daily (not anymore, but that smoke hit does make me happy).

    And the effect is grrat, so much better than with tobacco.

    If you are a regular, its a must because of efficiency, qualiry ofnboth tatstr and effects, cleanyness,and lets admit, you feel up to date with the world ;)
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