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    Guy is a frickin genius man. He memed himself.
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    I'm gonna love these memes
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    what if we put frontend and nginx on digital ocean, but for backend it would softether vpn into sysadmin's laptop
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    You can do that on windows since it runs a hyper v virtual machine running Debian. Just start a ln Ubuntu image and install docker in it 🤣, not sure if it works.
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    @Mayhem93 it‘s possible to put docker inside of docker. It‘s called dind image. You have to mount your local docker (/var/lib/docker) in your container and start it in privileged mode. We are using it in our Gitlib-CI Pipeline to build & test docker container inside a docker container 😁
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    What if we run virtual box inside of docker 🤔
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    @Teknas when the app gets delivered as Vagrant app but Docker if life
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    Portainer and everything capable of managing the docker env need the actual docker endpoint to be mounted inside the container
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    Don‘t believe the hype
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