I'm in the process of changing jobs and at the point where I need to sign the contract with the new company.

The concern I have is that of work life balance. There is a clause that obviously speaks to overtime and renumeration thereof, etc. But, there is also a clause that mentions that their office hours extend to Saturday mornings.

Speak to my wife about it and all I get is "That's how it is in your industry. I know of my other programmer friends who work late and long hours, so the fact that you don't currently work overtime seems very rare."

I don't think it's rare nor should it be the normal to have to constantly work extra hours. This is not a thing of being lazy or not dedicated to your job, but rather that you put in the time that is required and that alone should be enough to show your "dedication" to the job. Personally I feel that if you're fucking there everyday, giving your best, and you leave at the end of the day, no questions asked, that it is good enough!

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    I put in extra time almost every day anyway, so as a rule I refuse to work weekends. (The only exception is when I've been slacking.)

    If work requires me to work on e.g. Saturday, I'll take a day off (or a couple half days) during the week in exchange.

    My days off are my time.
    No job gets to infringe upon that.
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    Im ok if some work needs to be finished, but to work regularly on weekends, I would call the police or something, just imagine the time/money you earn, compared to a normal workweek you earn less. Thats a mess and a sign of poor management
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    It's actually proven that a person that always works overtime and weekends is much less productive than someone that works regular hours and even less.

    I really don't understand how companies can't understand this, and keep asking their employees to work so much.

    Overtime means tired devs, which means delays and bad code.

    It's ok to ask a dev to do overtime when a live system fails. It's not ok to make it the rule.
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