We are required to say “leaving for the day” when we leave office. (On slack)

One developer decided to quit and just said “leaving “ and we realised the next day what he meant when he did not show up 😂😂😂

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    Required? Seriously? Wow.
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    Oooh, one of my pet peeves. I'm actively boycotting all this "afk for 10 minutes" and "afk for today" stuff most colleagues keep posting. I admire your ex-co-worker for this.
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    Fucking hell. The day the company tells me it requires me to self-micromanage is the same day I start applying elsewhere.
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    That's awful! I hope they treat you well otherwise.
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    @fordtaunus That stuff is one of my pet peeves too. As long as we get the work done and each do our fair share, I don't really care where the other members of my team are.

    We've had some sticklers on our team that complain if you're away from your desk for an extended period of time. My response is "Great, maybe you should focus more on your work and not on whether or not your coworkers are at their desks, because I've still closed more tickets than you even though I was away from my desk."
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    @bahua well a little yes. But severe micro Managment.
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    @telephantasm yup, this is only a small part of it 😅
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