Boss: Hey, you were in that "Pike place fish market session" today. How was it?
Me: well, it was really motivational and inspiring. I learned few new things.
Boss: Great! Also let me tell you that you're again our employee of the week and we're considering you for the employee of the year award. No one got nominated so early in the job here.
Me: Thanks
Boss: So you wanted to talk to me. What was it about?
Me: Oh, I wanted to resign. Already sent the mail to you.

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    It was not a dev job. I used to work in a call centre for providing support on financial products for our client.
    All the support guys had to clear one exam which was the requirement from the governing body. I did self study and passed that exam with highest marks ever scored by anyone on the floor.
    I quickly grabbed the way and was performing great. My call quality score was more than 98% in all the quality checks.

    Fast forward few months and subprime crisis happened. We had call centres in multiple location for the same client and we usually get 40 calls a day per person. Then suddenly the market crashed and the client asked to shutdown all the call centres except where I worked. So normally all the calls were routed to us. Each one of us had to handle more than 150 calls a day. Just a day before my last day I took 200 calls and tried to finish them in under a minute. But still couldn't get to catch a breath.
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    I resigned because it was a horrible place to work and I was getting paid peanuts (about $120 a month).
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    What's all about Pike Place Fish Market Session? Isn't it in Seattle? Are you from there?
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    @github Nope, it's something about the FISH strategy and how to work better etc.
    I got my salary a day ago and I was there just for the session, so that I can resign and see the look on everyone's face.
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