Do any of you guys know an android app which sets a "fake" location and goes along a path (and does not contain ads if possible)? Currently have a GPS based project I need to test

Thanks bros

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    Sure you're not playing Pokemon go :P
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    I've made sn app that makes something very similar:

    It can mock the gps position of another connected phone. In the app description is the link to the github repo.
    You also can just make your own gps-server (the app uses a simple server-client architecture) to send a custom path to the app to mock it. (If you've trouble implementing the encryption just use the first release on github which doesn't have it).
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    Root isn't needed for that. It is only needed when you wan't to fool an app that is very serious about it (like Pokemon Go), since without root, apps can figure out that they're being ripped off if they want.
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