I once worked with an obsessive tester who was bent on ‘testing’ the README file of a Software Distribution.

The README text file was in the distribution zip, so she had to unzip the thing before reading the file, however she insisted that her test result was a failure because there was no README that shows her how to unzip the distro to read the README!

I thought she was joking, but she was dead serious and escalated the ‘issue’ to the manager! I was furious, almost resigned from the project

In the end I had to suck it up and tolerated more weeks of her mindless obsession!

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    She has a point though.

    There's always the line of what knowledge can be taken for granted and what hints should be pointed out, yet I prefer an overdetailed clear roadmap on how to setup a project over an empty one, or one hidden away.
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    True, she has a point, but it is still very annoying to mark a software project as failed because of a readme for unzipping a file?

    Thats like killing a fly with a nuclear war head. Any dev will be furious, it shows the tester cant unzip a file?! And if she can, couldn’t she just write the damn instruction if she feels the need than bug a dev to write a doc on how to unzip a file

    You have a zip file and nothing else, what do you do with it?
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    She probably hated you lol
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    @qlasico Nah, she has the hots for the op! ;)
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    Just in case, add a README for how to boot computer and fax her.
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    This is exactly the sort of mindless monkey testing that should be outlawed! Ffs
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