System design meeting with the client.

Client: We need feature X in the design document
Me: But feature X was not a requirement, so it's not in the document and we will not add it.
Client: But feature X should be a common feature today.
Me: That doesn't matter, it wasn't a requirement. And besides that you don't even need it today, the planned system doesn't even support feature X, so we couldn't implement it, even if it was mentioned in the design document.
Client: But we may need it some day, and what do you do, when we decide to enhance the system in a few years and we need that feature then?
Me: Then we make you an offer for feature X.
Inner me: You ordered a bicyle and now you want it converted into a delivery truck next year without charge. That's not how things work.

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    Keep standing your ground... Goddammit clients wanting freebies
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    @joykill Problem is, I am the developer, not the project manager. If the PM agrees on some additional feature, there is not much I can do (besides permanent nagging internally towards PM).

    So my daily mantra towards our project guys on doubtful requirements is "Is this part of the initial requirements or a change request?"

    Often they don't even know. I've gotten used not getting a meaningful answer...
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    If there's doubt, odds are that it's a change request ^^
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