Just installed ubuntu 18.04
Took 35 mins overall
After booting, it was not responding to right click, rather right click was working just like left click (no popups appear but it selects things)
Found a solution: install gnome-tweak-tool
Open tweak tool
Select area under mouseand keyboard section
Did all this to make mouse work like it generally does everywhere in the whole fucking world

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    Its in the changelog, doubletapping is the right mouse button by default i think. And they explain this solution really well.
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    But why would you change right click to double tap? Makes no sense
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    And shit like this is one big reason I never have really fallen for desktop Linux.
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    Meanwhile Xubuntu 18.04 works great.
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    I was just filling a form in last minute and found out that numpad and numlock are also not working(only in firefox maybe).
    Fuckup could have costed a late fees of 500rs (around 75 dollars).
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    What did you use before? Can't believe they'd fuck this up. Even if we are talking about canonical
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    What did i use before?
    This is about another incident that happened a while ago. My laptop was dual boot with win10 and manjaro+kde. Manjaro was freezing continuosly for the past one month and was lagging unnecessarily. So i decided to swap it out with lubuntu. While installing lubuntu, it showed a option of LVM installation. On the installation mode selection window i just pressed on lvm to read specific details about it. And it fucked up the partitions of my hdd. There was now a single 997gb hdd partition left(before it was 310gb for manjaro and 660gb for win10). Afterwards on booting without usb, the laptop would hang on a black screen after acer logo with a blinking cursor. It probably means your harddisk crashed. Finally i installed lubuntu only to upgrade to 18.04 now. I lost all my data for no reason.
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    @harshmandalgi First things first: ALWAYS make backups before making drastic changes to your system if not regularly.

    Would you mind posting the model of your notebook? There's a high probability from what i gathered based on your comments that the hardware may needs some tweaks to run Linux without a hassle
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    Thanks for the advice, i am gonna make regular backups from now on
    Model no.
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    Just posting the solution of the numpad problem
    Numpad was set to move the mouse pointer by default, you can check this by holding the num 4 and see if the pointer starts to move to left
    To change this mode press shift+numlock and then toggle numlock on/off
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