This is what @SirWindField has been doing in devRantron repo...

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    So did he fix a big or introduce one?
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    @billgates that particular commit did absolutely nothing. He did that for readability I guess 😕
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    @tahnik isn't 'install' easier to read than i though? 🤔
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    Where is he anyways, is he still on devRant?
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    @olback it is haha. But all of us contributors know what "npm i" means. And it's his commit message that's funny 😄
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    @gitpush he is, although he does not come that frequently.
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    @tahnik oh that's an alias.

    I thought he changed the package to be used from i to install

    Haven't used npm in awhile...
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    @tahnik I hope my commits are at least somewhat useful to devRantron's users 😊
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