So I was hanging out with a pharmacy student, and they had a box full of over the counter medicine. The box had something for almost anything common; cold, allergies, and so on.

So my question is, do you guys have something like this but with technology? Like a box full of random computer stuff (cables, parts, USB drives, and so on)?

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    I'm more of a software guy, So I carry my laptop which has all the necessary IDEs (Visual studio, Android studio), xampp local server and VS Code (Angular, python, PHP.. etc ) .
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    I'm a SW/HW dev so yes, I have bin full of servo motors, bin full of LEDs, bin full of various logic boards, wires, ICs, resistors, capacitors, switches...

    But then I also have bins upon bins of graphics and sound cards, motherboards, PSUs, monitors, keyboards, mice, various cables(mainly cat5e) and adapters
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    I could probably build a computer from my components box.
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