Got in a somewhat heated discussion earlier a'd wanted to get some more input...

Friend of mine has a community site for a game, and is running adds to pay for the hosting costs etc... He however has recently changed adds provider and now they've become more profitable but also a lot more obtrusive...

I suggested perhaps looking into getting something like coinhive, mining monero coins with your users browsers... He was really averse to it, but I think that it can be viable alternative to adds, as long as you allow your users to not participate and don't go all out with their processors but throttle it to say 5% orso...

Anyhow, he wouldn't have it, and I was wondering if I was alone in thinking I'd rather have some coins mined using my processor than seeing adds, especially if it's not at full speed, and with consent (and not on mobile)

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    Funny thing is u can stop coinhive by typing miner.stop() in console :)
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    This is a touchy area.
    But it really depends on the execution.
    If the site allows an opt-in to browser mining instead of ads and the site is extremely relaxed on the processing power being snatched up, or if possible allow the user to determine the processing power to be used, then it could work out well.

    But if you just go and add it in, set it to 100% and kill every users browser, you won’t have a user base anymore.
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    @COD4 I know and I completely agree , that's why I talked about having consent and throttling the processor usage indeed...
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    Personally I wouldn't ever opt in to mining but I also wouldn't be against a website having that as an alternative income stream so long as it's option.

    Doesn't feel like a terrible idea so long as you're very transparent about it.
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    Yeah, nah, yeah, nah, fuck off with the fucking miners in my fucking browser. Tyvm.
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