NodeJS 10.0.0 is out.

The biggest features I see is the release of N-API. I always wanted to use that but never did as it was in beta. It will be exiciting to use it with a new project!

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    If only every package could be made without 1000 other depency packages
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    @hexc most of the time bundled package is from 10KB to couple of megabytes with all the dependencies. That is quite small.
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    @tahnik take the array-filter package for example. It's 8.6kB and contains a test-directory, a .npmignore, a .travis.yml, a package.json, a readme and the index.js which is the code. In that index.js file you have 7 lines of documentation and 10 lines of code.
    That's the reason people hate npm. Maybe namespaced modules will help, maybe npm-modules should come with only the bare necessities. But for now this is shit.
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    Anyone who actually likes the npm ecosystem should be forced to code on a ZX81 for a fortnight. Without the RAM pack.
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    @YouAreAPIRate I am talking about bundled packages, not the size of the project when you are developing in your computer.

    @d4ng3r0u5 I think you forgot that this is 2018, not 1981 anymore.
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