The website i made has been hacked today.

Stored in their server.

They didnt give me an access for it.

The user account in the cms i used for updating content while building the website was revoked when the website is completed.

Now they ask me for the latest backup.

I have no backup because how the hell i do a backup when i got no access to the cpanel.

The only backup is the zip file for initial uploading into their server and the contents were added after the website is on their server.

That goddamn IT guy who wont give me any access for “securty sake” is calling me furiously asking for the backup and how to set up the stuffs from the beginning.

I thought he was the one who know his shit but i was wrong.

Fuck me?


Fuck you.

But i still responding to him telling him step by step how to do shit with some swearing and sarcasm.


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    @Sophia that’s the only way to access the server, no ssh or remote access

    I sent the zip file with email and giving them instructions to install the website

    From creating the database
    Setting the ini configuration and folder permission

    Yes it’s a pain in the ass 🤣
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    Cpanel? PHP?
    Ask them to move on to docker for better security 😆
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    @creator they wont understand, that stuff is way too advanced for them, they are old folks who have no idea with current web trends 🤣

    Their website that i need to redesign was static pages from 2008, they blowed their minds when i introduce a cms when they don’t have to understand coding to add contents.

    @Sophia it’s too late for a lube i guess 🤣
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    They ever heard of virtual machines and image backup... No?
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    Immutable infrastructure ftw! Server hacked...just delete it...problem solved!
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