I'm actually a Dev, mostly just a shell scripter who needs to support 500 servers which run our applications. I install the new versions and check whatever is wrong if there are customer issues.
One release weekend everything went wrong, Development had to make new builds on the fly with hardly any time for testing.
It took 18 hours with no break.
It was extremely hard to concentrate, but being in the Skype group with everyone and finally getting everything fixed was quite rewarding.
Everyone just opened a beer and we stayed on the call for about 30 more minutes just to relax.

I like our Dev team way better than I like my actual colleagues, who merely mess things up and call me for the smallest thing without even thinking.

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    *NOT actually a dev.
    How did I miss that fucking word xD
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    Don't use Skype! Get slack, so much better!
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    @Pandawan Soon afterwards everyone did actually move to Slack :)
    But I haven't used it since, does it have a dial function?
    I personally didn't install it because I already have Skype, Jabber, Hangouts and Telegram open for all different teams, it's hard to get anything done.
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    @forkbomber No it (sadly) doesn't have calling. But it is better for productivity, I guess that's the only downside
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