What to do with them

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    Depends who ask. I thought the same when I started with CS and learning to code.

    You know, not everybody is born knowing Java is not Javascript, like you for example.

    I assume, by mocking these people, you knew since you were born that Java is not Javascript right?
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    // Depends who ask

    I agree with you

    post it just for fun man
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    @AasikSa123 This rant has been posted and reposted many times.

    The joke is outdated.
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    I'm working for over 8 years with js now, i'd say around 4-5 of them professionally (as in makin money with it) and to this day I don't know why it is called like this.:D

    The meme is too reposty bro
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    I tipically say something like "it's like Martha and Martian are the same things - just because the name is similar, it does not mean they are the same or even similar"

    And then I tend to lecture a bit on history and CS...

    YEP.... I'm that kind of asshole
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