I was in charge of updating the dependencies on a microservice we have. Everything was at least 3 years old. Nice. How bad was it gonna be?

Jesus Christ, I have never felt so wrong.

A certain dependency I will hide under the name w******js allowed custom functions for a feature that accepted three arguments: paramA, paramB, paramC. The old installed version, 1.x.x, did what was intended, but for some dumb reason, 2.x.x calls the function with paramA as paramB and paramB as paramA!

It took me a god damn while to find out why shit wasn't working as expected. Who thought this was a good idea?

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    @AlexDeLarge again why is this a good idea, is backwards compatibility a thing JS devs do not like
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    @AlexDeLarge is correct. You can expect (often major) breaking changes when upgrading between major versions.

    Shame on them if those changes are undocumented, however.
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    I just checked documentation.

    Or rather, the lack thereof.


    More reason for this rant to exist
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