What tool/process/concept saves you the most time in your day-to-day work? I'm looking for things I could integrate into my own work that would make me or my team more efficient

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    Several random things:


    - I use only single color t-shirts for work. No need to think what to wear. Only grab the first one in the pile.

    - I have the same breakfast every day. 1 fruit and a mix of cereals. Sometimes I prepare it at night.


    - Having daily meetings represents improvements in tackling problems promptly. They are more valuable than many people think.

    - Having a tasks backlog in a board. I use Trello. The "hard" part is to stick to it, but once you do, you won't miss a thing. Anything that comes up goes to the board as pending. Prioritized putting the most important at the top. I do this both for my team tasks and for my own tasks.

    - When in doubt, ask more and assume less.
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