I'm a full stack web dev (LAMP, MEVN), not a sys admin. Besides complete control of my os, are there any benefits to a Linux-based os like arch or ubuntu? I've played around and set up both in VMs, but I'm struggling to find a benefit that justifies the setup commitment.

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    In your situation I would say the main reason to use linux is just that it's not Windows. Windows is very broken and will fuck you over with updates in the middle of your work
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    @Noobish fair. It is a bit convoluted to disable auto updates, but it is possible. Just gotta remember to re-enable it and check once a week haha
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    @LastDigitOfPi makes sense yeah. It's almost like a struggle between whether I want to covert to all new stuff and a new workflow, or try to adapt to a new environment. I've been a windows user for forever, but I'm starting a new job, and I'm provided a macbook - I was considering it so I might be able to customize the os to be more windows-like haha
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    I also like the easy replacent of tools.
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