Recently had an issue with a staff person wanting me to deploy on a Saturday! They were so adamant about out that they began to escalate it to the president. I put my foot down knowing that I had the upper hand in this situation. They ultimately caved but for a brief moment I was like f#*k this $h!#. They can fire me for all I care. Then my friend sends me this: https://teespring.com/deploy/... made my day!

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    Being an intern, I don't think I can put my foot down. Gotta deploy shiz on weekends!!
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    @coookie that sucks! I hate it when people think this is a good idea and the it reinforces the belief that it's ok so they keep doing it.
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    @hax0r my company deploys on weekends all the time. But we are super lax about it. We try to avoid deploying on weekends incase we need to rollback *headache*.

    It's super lax and not to bad if you have a good build process like bamboo
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