I just felt like Google is the best player out there in terms of Companies.
Seriously, Well played Google.
This is not a negative opinion, I am just awe-struck at its tactics.
See, Google is currently the biggest name in terms of development in Android, ML and multi-platform software but no one can say it being a monopoly due to its dedication to open source community.
Recently Android emerged out to be One of the Biggest , most advanced, trusted and loved Technology . It saw great achievements, and up till 2016-17, it was at its peek. BUT when the market started shifting towards multi-platform boons and Ai, it got its hands into that too with its flutter and kotlin environment
One could have a negative opinion about this, But i can't seem to engulf the vast amounts of positive situations i see in this:
1) this IO18 (and many months before that) saw ML/AI being incorporated in Android (also the arcore, proje tango and many more attempts in the past) meaning that Android will not officially "die". It will just become an extremely encouraged platform( not just limited to mobiles) and a beginning of the robot -human reality ( a mobile is handling everything of your everyday life: chats, music apps sxhedules, alarms, and with an actively interacting ML, it won't be long when Android comes installed in a green bug lime droid robot serving you tea xD). Meanwhile the market of Windows games may shift to mobiles or typically " Android games" (remember, Android won't be limited to mobiles)
2)java may or may not die. The animations and smooth flow it seems to provide is always appreciated but kotlin seems to do so too. As for the hard-core apps, they are usually written in c++ .So java is in the red zone
3) kotlin-native and Flutter will be the weapons of future , for sure. they will be developing multi-platform softwares and will be dividing the market of softwares into platform specific softwares(having better ml/ai interactions,animations) and platform independent apps(access and use anywhere softwares).
And where does google stand?Its the lord varys of game of thrones which just supports and enhances the people in the realm. So it benefits the most . That's a company for you, ladies and gentlemen! If seen from common eyes they seem to be the best company ever and our 1 true king but it can also be a very thick fur cloak hiding their negetive policies and tactics , if any.

Well played, Google.

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    You forgot to mention how creatively Google steals your data! they left Microsoft and Facebook way behind.

    Also there is a big concern about Apple blocking all the hybrid apps in near future, which will make flutter useless!
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    @mohammed well, who doesn't? Its been a fact for the long time that Online privacy is a myth. And when you see people themselves sharing their nudes and dick pics, it becomes obvious that most of the people don't care about this a lot and seems to be fine with it.
    And as for ios, well they shouldn't. It will be like, going against the evolution, and they usually avoid that.
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    @chaostools Apple blocking hybrid apps is really serious many companies and including the company I work for stopped developing hybrid apps. I also posted a question here and many seems to agree.
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    @chaostools if online privacy is a myth, there would be no encrypted messaging services so that's plain bs :)
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    But no, online privacy isn't a myth.

    - I can control that my own sites run through https and thus making sure that most parties can't see the content, thus privacy retained

    - I can use an email service which encrypts everything between users, thus privacy retained.

    - I can use a vpn or the tor network which makes that my isp can't see what I'm doing, thus that level of privacy retained.

    - I can make a service where people can post content but can only see their own content, thus that level of privacy retained.

    - I can choose not to use any service of any company directly integrated within the prism program and thus keeping quite some data out of there meaning that I can partly choose what data gets sucked up into the mass surveillance engines we call prism, google, facebook, twitter, apple, amazon, aol, yahoo, Microsoft and so on. That level of privacy: retained.

    - I can make sure to, if using them at all, first ask people if they're okay with me including them in a picture I'd upload to a social network and thus respecting their privacy.

    Honestly, it's not that hard, sometimes you just need to educate yourself and spend some time.
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    @mohammed they steal nothing, you're offering them
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    @mohammed but you’re forgetting one fucking thing. Google don’t fucking sell it. They keep it in house to improve their services
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    @Jacobgc they don’t sell it. They gift it to the government
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    @Jacobgc google isn't caught selling your data that's all. Otherwise now there is no way to know if they sold your data or not
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    @linuxxx i totally agree with yoy and i think i came up with a wrong image of the comment i wrote. Actually i have been so fed up with this discussion about online privacy and data stealing that these days i seem to agree with the statement "yeah,b ig or small every company is either selling you or selling 'to' you ."

    Infact i am always in supported the idea of open source and decentralization projects like blockchains .
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    But its just a sad reality for now that not more than 2% of the world's population would be really interested in getting those education .people seem to just blame technology on whole when they see images of donut companies ,just after having a chat on donuts.
    -using vpn is great. Today, even a kid knows how to use vpn, thanks to torrents and country bansBut most people won't use it. Why? Because "why to do so much effort in taking a paid subscription to useless app in routing your data from other country, just to protect people in getting my location known. Infacf, lets turn the precise locations, i might get better donut locations"~ my uncle would say that.
    You see, they have creatively turned this robbery into a 'feature' we are addicted to .This goes similarly for most of the cases where the "user" is itself a careless persabouton on topic of data security.
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    - facts related to devs:well again ,1000% right. We should definitely follow the https conventions, make sure of no backdoors or prism libraries, and UI ethics. But here i lack some info :Are Companies like WhatsApp, known for its data security is selling its data to their parent prism fb? should i really become paranoid and completely reject the potential these(& other projects like this) AI powered projects because its from A compnay known for its pricay leaks?Google seems to have enough resources to support innovations but at the same time launching a complete platform has again opened debates about its backdoor data leak policies.
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    Its like making a good company funded by a criminal politician. He could either be trying to undo his mis-deeds or he could try to win the faith of ppl, but the thing is, he is funding my good company. Similarly Google could either be a great fraud or th most clever company, but its always innovating great things and *open-sourcing* them, and that's where, the good developers benefit like you, who mentioned ways of keeping the user's privacy intact.

    Its all about the choice of the dev to choose the right or wrong. But a good cause/project should not be judged with a "what about-ism" . "Their idea is fine, but what about the fact that they steal user data?" Well , that's not a discussion i probably wanted :/

    But again, thanks for such a healthy discussion.

    Lol i wrote so much. i am just a 19 year old stupid lad with hot blood
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    @TitanLannister May I ask what your definition of paranoid is? Since you mentioned it in a context where it doesn't apply :)
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    @linuxxx i don't have a proficiency in our colonial country's language , but i guess what i meant was skeptical or stereotyping , like "yeah every google product will definitely have some mechanisms of quietly thieving user's data. So i shouldn't use them"

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    @TitanLannister Well, Google is integrated within the largest mass surveillance program ever created so yeah everything you do on there ends up in NSA's hands the second it enters googles data centers haha
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