Sort of follow up to: https://devrant.com/rants/1351833/...

Now I can turn on/off my PC over the Internet. A little hacky but it works like a charm.

I'm using an Arduino IDE compatible ESP-12E with on board WiFi and a homemade optocoupler (LED + photoresistor).

Hopefully more projects like these are coming 🤗

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    @teganburns because they aren't the same. Think about this as a complement instead of a replacement.
    In my experience WoL doesn't work when the PC is not on sleep mode; although I've read it could be accomplished, I don't know how true/hardware dependant that is.

    I also got some entertainment and knowledge in the process.
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    @teganburns yes, it acts as an alternative button to the one on the front of the case just that I can activate it remotely.
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    I usually just use WoL because my PC supports that as soon as electricity is there but cool nonetheless.
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    @teganburns you can turn it off with this : )
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