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Credits: Alessandro

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    I did a prototype at a company with Regex, told them to have a look at api.ai etc for the real thing. A year later I found their poor dev are maintaining hundreds of regex...
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    The amount of Google's switch statement for this is to damn high.
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    If you view Google as your competitor to your python scripts - you have biggee issues than that
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    Worked on something like this months ago... We (devs) proposed to use Tensor Flow for a real project, or Antlr4 if just it was justabout a couple of use-cases for a PoC... Managament chose plain regex for the sake of "quicker results"... Project got scraped after 3 weeks becaude of that :/
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    @soulsuke Yep, typical scenario in every company!

    Welcome to devRant btw!
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    @mohammed Thanks, really looks like a nice place to be :D
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