Don't we all love a sophisticated chat bot?

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    Poor guy 😄
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    Imagine if he replied "I would like to add some ketchup to that dough"
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    And they say bots will replace humans .. not so fast 😂
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    What if it was the bot all along?
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    I'm creating a profanity bot. It won't get past the review but no shit is given
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    @flag0 cue Inception music
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    Have you received any calls from dev ranters yet?
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    @wedi Isn't that the number of the pizza place?
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    @sebh0602 ofc! 🙈
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    I think it was a bot the whole time, and it passed the Turing test. *slow claps*
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    @f00df00d yea we know but due to the rise of chatbots, someone thought it was.
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    @f00df00d Indeed, because why would Apple ever want to contribute to the larger tech community as a whole in a selfless manner? Nah, instead everything has to be limited and proprietary... 😒
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    @f00df00d you know what sends imessages? A real dude making minimum wage with a company owned iPhone.
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    I always ready the user's replies in Stewie's voice from Family Guy 😂
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    Fucking hilarious 😂
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    It's absolutely hilarious 😂😂😂
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    @tisaconundrum Please post here if you get a reply, I'm dying of curiosity xD
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