I've gotta question for dem ranters.
Since I'm using a toaster as a PC, and from time to time I do play Overwatch, playing without music (or doing anything in silence) is shit.
Running Google Chrome is not an option (it tends to hog my toaster so the game runs like, well, whatever is your defiinition of slow.
Is there something that can run Google Play Music in the background (and please, anything but the PlayMusic desktop player, that is ever worse, it makes the whole OS slow)?
Like, some lightweight browser?
It's bugging me for a year, and I can't find a solution. Maybe someone has a better idea of how to make this possible.
*LanaDelRey-Summertime_sadness.mp3 playing in backgroun*

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    It's too late, you're doomed.

    Seriously, the vendor lock-in will only get worse; in time you'll have to make a choice between either a "feature-rich" desktop app, or the memory sinkhole we all know and love, Chrome.

    The only way out is to stop renting your music.
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    Download all the music. Play with music player. Success. Worth all the GB's of space. Have an external disk solely for music if needed.
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    Midori is not an option. It actually crashes when trying to log-in to google play music.

    And, clay? Console player? Giving it a try. #nerdBoner

    Thanks lads, hope it works :D
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