Thank you for 1000 imaginary internet points.

  • 4
    So you just have 8 points?
  • 2
    @Floydian ha binary jokes so funny.
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    ooooh I see you got the new Android beta release! how do you like it so far?
  • 0
    @mjones44 I like it its really good but some apps don't work on it very well such as Snapchat
  • 2
    @iamroot well Snapchat doesn't work well on Android to begin with LOL it very often causes my phone to restart. and it only happens when Snapchat is open so I know it's Snapchat doing it.
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    According to the API, it's called a "score" or "user score".
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    @mjones44 @iamroot
    I'm on the beta as well and it magically fixed a speaker issue I previously assumed to be a hardware thing. I love it even just for that
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