Going from front-end developer into a makeshift CTO on a small startup I was hired because most developers on the team either left or aren't of much help.

Our CEO wanted me to "concentrate on doing my best" and tried to "help me" by searching for developers, but he brings mostly those...well...not-so-good devs.

Currently I'm the only one who knows how to handle our new PHP API (because, well, I planned every bit of it) and our Front End (because I also developed all of the component library), but they're both fully documented in an easy language, so even the worst dev should understand.

Even like this, people just drop.

Best experience as a developer, but worst experience working on a team (wait, team?). I'm only in this because I have signed a contract (which is soon to expire).

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    Search for some ways to improve your PHP API, try to show it to someone more senior, maybe you are missing some bits which are important.

    What I'm trying to say you can't push all the responsibility onto these guys, it's your responsibility to make sure that it's easy to use and well documented. Maybe try making some proof of concepts, explanation implementations of how to use it.

    Also you should involve yourself in recruiting process, at least help in preparing a decent advertisement and maybe go to interview for once. It can't be that bad.
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    I want to ++ this, but I also refuse to ++ anything that mentions PHP.

    PHP = self harm
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    @woodworks Oh well, atleast it isn't JavaScript
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    @woodworks I'm currently building something with PHP with node.js
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    @raldo94 is it one of those cases where there's an existing legacy codebase in PHP and the newer features are being rolled through node?

    @Lycocain it got worse 😭
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    @woodworks hahaha that's what people told me, but with the deadline I was given this was the fastest route

    @raldo94 I almost did the same thing, almost :P
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    @zemaits I did try to search and consult some senior developers. The only thing they told me was to improve responses and change few entity relationships, which has been done already.

    I blame mostly the guys that were before me or started with me, like the previous CTO and his team. It was their responsibility to work on the API back end, since I was originally only a front-end dev. I blame them because they left the projece and didn't do shit, literally.

    But the guys that the CEO found to "help" me should at least be able to help with the project, judging from their CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

    And the project is well documented: there's an illustrated wiki and some proof of concepts too, I even made a TL;DR cheat sheet. :/

    I tried recruiting 2 developers once, but the CEO insisted on finding "good" developers he trusted.
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