Java runs on 4 billion devices for more then 10 years now.

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    There analytics system must have broken 10 years ago
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    Did you mean "crawls on 4 billion machines"?
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    Perhaps they used two arrays, each device being indexed as an element of these said arrays.
    (In Java, the maximum amount of indices an array can have is around 2 billion)
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    Every time you install, it uninstalls from another device.

    Every time you uninstall, it installs on another device. Simple.
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    More like walks, cause it's so fucking slow 😋 jokes
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    i had to try to re-install it today

    it said 3billion

    let that number go down
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    You scared me that it gained 1 billion but no its still 3 billion
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    Ni🅱🅱a, I just spent my time recommending some channels on your rant, only to tap "Post" and see that it's gone 😒

    Ted-ED is usually good. Not very lengthy but overall their videos are great quality. Also, Numberphile (actually all the *phile channels like Computerphile etc) and the PBS channels like PBS Infinite Series.
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