This edgy little kid that lives in the house next to ours figured out that blaring out this horrible rap music (Deutschrap, for fellow entwicklerSchimpfers) makes him really cool and popular.

The entire fucking day.

At full volume.

With an open window facing right into my window.

Day and night.

I hope you and your shitty rappers die in a fire while being raped by almighty Lord Lucifer himself, until your genitals are burned to a crisp before being served as dinner to your mom, who obviously has zero control over her child!

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    This counts as music? It sounds to me like someone put a beat under a stuttering narcissist.
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    @YouAreAPIRate don’t forget the voice distortion that will give you brain cancer. Or the silly/edgy/meaningless/profanity-filled lyrics that make absolutely no fucking sense
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    @RantSomeWhere there's one thing about not being around people much is not hearing much of this crap. I know you can't condemn a whole genre but the only thing these brats here nowadays is this shit about bitches, guns, etc. If there is good rap i don't know of it.
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    You can shoot back some full-volume classical music, maybe it will educate him a little bit about GOOD sounds...
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    Track their IP using wireshark and then use wifi killer to shut it down.
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    @Michelle you know you can obly get the ip-address when you found the wifi first?
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    CC: @AlexDeLarge
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    @YouAreAPIRate He lives next door, so he could probably just go for a walk and map out which wifi net work is theirs.
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    Have you tried talking to him? I do this shit all the time.

    In my case it is banda music. The worst thing (musically) that can come from Mexico....fucking banda music.
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    @RantSomeWhere respond with anything off of iheartnoise... Just put earplugs in first.

    People apparently consider this music now, since the dude started charging for CDs and he has more... "artists"... on there now...
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    @YouAreAPIRate @Michelle I think I know their WiFi name. It's the only retarted SSID around, so I guess that's it.

    You know you live next to a family of retards when their SSID is "Muffins for the world"
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    @YouAreAPIRate 20syl's collaboration with rappers always turn out like classical hip-hop/rap. 20syl is extremely good but doesn't have that much recognition
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    @YouAreAPIRate it’s not even bitches and guns, Deutschrap has more or less “romantic” lyrics . As I said, veeery edgy but incredibly popular here
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    Option 1) talk to him
    Option 2) eye for an eye, turn up that metal
    Option 3) call the cops an d make a noice complaint (Ruhestörung) although I wouldn't do that
    Option 4) crack their wifi and either disconnect him or just block the ports/ip/domain for spotify/youtube (although then you shouldn't try on of the others before, not to be to suspicious...)
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    Bomb his WiFi so he can't connect to it. Rename your own WiFi to "Stop playing loud shit"
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    Rap is like scissors - it always loses to rock 🤘
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    @AndSoWeCode no, no,no! Rename HIS wifi!
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    I did that with Heavy Metal when I was a kid.

    It was winter though and neighbors were throwing bricks in my windows, I guess they wanted to hear better the lyrics.
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    @Wack I talked to him once, he’s an asshole who “does what he wants”.
    Blasting right back sounds nice, but I’m not that kinda person.

    I’m thinking about fucking his WiFi though
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    @RantSomeWhere why not talk to his mommy? That's what a reasonable neighbor would do.
    It would also make your case stronger for law enforcement, if the noise continues after that.
    Hacking their wifi sounds fun, but probably makes them angry and might lead to even more problems than you have now (apart from the fact that it is just illegal).
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    @TempestasLudi I’ve tried. His mom is a frikkin hippie who raises her kid the “he has to consider the consequences on his own” kinda way.
    Involving the police is an option but I’m plotting a much cooler revenge
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    meanwhile I'm sitting at my desk, alone in the office today so I can listen to the newest Albums of some German rap artists like UFO361, Fler, Yung Hurn and a few others.

    I understand that taste is purely subjective and that one can either argue forever about taste or not argue at all about it. Playing music all night is quite annoying and if it's after 22:00 you could do the very German thing and call the authorities to go and tell him to put it down.

    Don't get so upset :s
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    @fml89 even though I don’t like this type of music, I understand that it’s a subjective thing. To each his own.
    I don’t fucking care what music people listen to as long as they don’t bother me with it and use headphones like normal civilized people do
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    @RantSomeWhere Well using headphones in my own house/appartement is not a thing I do. I also will turn up the volume a notch or even a few notches, if I feel like it. I do know the limits of being civilized and I have a good neighbourly attituted towards, well, my neighbours :D

    I will blast some music, when I am working on my car in the driveway or have a few friends over. Maybe even put on some techno to help me focus, when I'm working from the home office. After 21:00 I will turn it down though. I'll also try to not be obnoxious with it during the day.

    12-15 years back as a teenager I used to blast music all day or practice on my electric guitar or bass or play keyboard. I learned those instruments by myself, so the first few months were _very_ attrociuos for my neighbours and parents :D - my point is: kids are gonna be kids. Talk to the kid and tell him to keep it down in a friendly manner.
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    Had a neighbor once who did the same. Turns out my sound system could blast louder so i battled his crap music with some nice k-pop or metal. He moved away a few months later
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    @Michelle this is probably what you meant

    ... get kali.
    ... get a monitorable wifi card
    ... ng-airdump
    ... take a walk.
    you know the rest.
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    @RantSomeWhere good for you. Btw. Opsec, never post on a public forum, that you did something ;)
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    @Wack To anybody reading my comment and getting interested.

    Please listen to what Wack said.
    A snippet of white hat text out of context can be treated as black hat content.
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    @Wack @beggarboy
    Ugh, comment removed.
    (Note that i did not have malicious intentions, I asked the father of that edgy child if it was okay, bu anyways)
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    @beggarboy in Germany this can be considered quite the thing, with police envolvement. People have been sued quite hard for Wardriving/walking
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