The way devrant advertises Devrant++ makes it sound like they are a client with no money. "Ya, we can't pay you but it will feel good" but unlike a client it's worth it.

(Used to have but I'm poor now)

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    I spot Andriod p beta.
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    @iamroot How you liking it?

    The volume thing (sound is default over ringer; location of the pop-up) is one of my favorites.
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    @Stuxnet my favorite part is where if you don't have auto rotation on and you turn your phone you can have an option to rotate it
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    @iamroot True.

    But I just leave it on vertical since the only time I use rotation is YouTube and games.

    Also a huge fan of the tabs being vertical and full size so no information is chopped off.
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    @Stuxnet I also like the live copy and past from that menu
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    @iamroot This seems like it'll be one of the best updates over theast few years. The feature to go greyscale when you want to sleep will probably help me a lot lol
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    I also see the battery percentage to be 69% 🤓
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