Finally have some time again to make my bot that notifies me of interesting jobs and filters out things like "wordpress", into a dashboard that lists all jobs, automatically removes ones that are gone or have too much bids and much more, so excited 😄

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    @dfox is there a way to trigger the filter descriptions manually? it's sometimes really hard to know where to put something, since by vaguely remembering this post counts more as a rant/story (?), rather than random, because the random description was, that it's anything else that's not technology/development related, like getting a kid or buying a car
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    @Yamemori yes, nodejs, but the dashboard showing the data will be php
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    What's the source of jobs?
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    @login upwork atom search feed

    @Bitwise I was thinking of open sourcing it, but for that to happen I would have to clean things up and implement an installer first 😄
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