Isn't it strange walking around with this big-ass headphones in public?

In the office or at home they are the go to headphones because they are super comfortable normally, but in Public I'm not sure.

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    Did that for 2 years until the jack had a hiccup, it's no problem. the only issue is storing these huge things when they're not on your head.
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    I heard it is useful to keep your ears warm in cold weather.
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    Nope, the bigger the better. Plus noise cancellation is splendid.

    They don’t talk to me, I don’t hear them if they do, and everyone stays alive for another day.
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    @mohammed you're right about that.

    They provide a nice isolating "bubble", allowing you to ignore the world around you.

    What people think? Who cares. If they must judge based on something that minor, it says alot more about them.. cunt-floppyjacks.

    Another plus is, they usually do a good job at isolating what you're listening to.
    - nothing quite as annoying as when somebody is blasting their music out in worse quality than a screeching, fried speaker speaker circuit.
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    I used my unnecessarily big and overdesigned "gaming" headset on daily bus rides when my earphones broke. It looked stupid as hell (especially with the huge plastic block of microphone it has) but it sure was better than having to listen to kids screaming for an hour every day.
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    I stopped giving a fuck about that.
    Wear big headphones and assert dominance
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    Dont fancy headphones in public. Prefer earphones
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    I thought so too until I tried them on. Now I can't hear anyone commenting about my huge headphones.

    Seriously though, It's so nice sitting in the train in the morning and not having to listen to Brad tell the entire train how epic his alcohol fuelled weekend was, or Shantal tell everyone how she totally hooked up with the hottest Ken in the club while telling Josh that she was "home sick", or James list all the reasons why technically he wasn't evading taxes. Seriously. That is sooooo nice!!!
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    I do go out with big headphones that provide good outside sound isolation and good audio u_u
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    This happened to me while on a train once. Felt like a douchebag wearing this monster headset I had. But soon the strangest thing happened. A guy who got on from the next stop had the exact same thing docked around his neck.

    We kind of smirked at each other when we noticed. Awkwardness intensified...I just wanted to jump out of the running train 🤐
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    Wearing b i g headphones in public right now
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    I always wear my wireless headphones with noise cancelation.

    I'd go mad if I had to listen to the bs strangers are feeding each other.
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