where and how i start programming ?

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    I don't know, IT-class? Python book? Udemy course?

    What do you want to archive with programming?
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    Start out with assembly is not that difficult
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    @Codex404 why not brainfuck?
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    @BambuSource because I dont know anyone programming in Brainfuck. I made something once but not as job.
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    Actually I think it's easiest to start with C or Python, just the basics of how syntax looks in general. Then move on to more complex stuff.
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    Start with C#
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    C -> Java/C#/Swift/Anything else
    -> learn the concepts
    -> look for examples
    -> recreate stuff (it's the only way to gain massive amount of XP and knowledge)
    -> go on your way
    -> learn the cliches and join the dark side
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    @BambuSource why some will archive with programming?
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    @py2js because he wants to write a WinRAR version without that annoying license pop-up?
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    @coci start with c#. Its easy to understand, and you will see results really fast. There are also many tutorials and examples out there which will help you to understand the core principles.
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    what is the concept ?
    i have python exp but now i dont have any idea for do with that
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    @coci alright, so you understand little programming, like the basic syntax of python and logic, now what you do with it, is first understand (if exist, I'm no python expert) OOP, like objects, inheritance, all of that (again I have no clue how it's don't in python, you're on your own) then, pick up a framework for building gui applications, then start adding buttons, text fields, build whatever the hell comes to your mind first (don't get too complex, as your goal to get something that at least works) once you do that, start searching more and more about other stuff like server side code, how a massive application works and how there is a front end and backend that communicate together, understand what happens behind the scenes (unnecessary, but it helps with abstract thinking) and keep up with the trend, and expirement with other languages/frameworks, if you have an idea, don't be afraid to try it, that's how you learn the most.
    In short, learn, write, compile, repeat.
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    @Revenger can i have eay to talk with you ?
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