i also thought this was fake

so i continued scrolling down on this site and it was the worst thing i have done

i dont want to talk about it

this is real

i want to understand how did this guy get funded on patreon and my startup didnt

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    Buuut, you could still use your genitals to let a skilled surgeon form something else out of it. Don't just cut it off >: Ouch
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    How can you be gay if you don't have a gender?

    Like, being gay means being attracted to the same gender as yourself; so how does that work when your gender is 'null'?
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    throws NullGenderException?
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    @Grexius being attracted to people without a gender, just like yourself? Mystery solved.
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    This is the new shit right there. Next level transgender
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    The best part is that degeneracy like this can't reproduce by default. My fucking sides are gone XD.
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    "...genital chopping and gay stuff."

    That is the most fucked up sentence I read in a looong time.
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    If I was a feminist, sure I'd fund him. Better than netflix.
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