There is an error in almost every file, and yet this seems to work

On other days there is not even a single error and still it cracks.

Android Studio, you need to watch your drinking habits -_-

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    Clean -> Rebuild usually helps
    If not clear it's cache, if still no, smash that bitch Android Studio ðŸĪ·ðŸž‍♂ïļ
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    @Null-Device I do when I want to send over my phone tbh like on WhatsApp
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    @Null-Device with my internet speed, I can't do that it is faster if I go get the cable and transfer it manually
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    @Null-Device if I had that speed of Internet I'd live in shame taking a photo of my screen then uploading it 😅😅
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    Well there is also: web.whatsapp.com
    Go there on your laptop or desktop.

    You can then link your desktop/laptop to your phone.
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    @gitpush I won't touch this code until the bomb squad comes and declare it safe.
    (āļ‡ •Ė€_•Ė)āļ‡ 
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    @TitanLannister then you won't be touching it again 😛😛
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    appcompatv7 is soo gooooood
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