Quora is truly a magnificient place

Q.Why should I hire a software engineer if I can just copy and paste code from stackoverflow ?
Ans.--Because they know which code to copy and paste of course!

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    Why should I use devRant when I can make my own 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😛
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    @gitpush bcoz nobody'll use your own if it already exist and become famous
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    It was a magnificent place ... till Ads happened.
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    @Jakuho forever alone if guess :/
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    Some of the people who write on Quora are annoying, long long long long answers without getting to fucking damn point, people I am not here to read a book, at least be on topic and please don't tell me a story that's not related to the question
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    I have such an issue with quora. It's a popularity contest. People writing 4 page answers about their horrible life and putting in at least 4 pictures each. Ridiculous.
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    @py2js At least they explain something. Some of them just refers to a long ass book without any explanation.
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