So my little brother comes up to me saying, that he got C language classes in 11th grade so it would be nice of me if I install borland turbo C on his laptop.

Me: Uh, use something newer like gcc or clang.

He: No, teacher wants us to install borland C.

Me: Dude no. It's cancer.

He: ... You are not getting it.

Me: I am getting it buddy, nobody should be using that acient piece of crap that blinds the user as he works on it. (I know we can change colors).

He: .... *Leaves the room*.

I don't really get the Indian Education System's love for acient blue IDE.

I still get calls and texts from my non-dev friends asking for download links to that blue pile of shit and sometimes even their rants when it fails to run on their newer systems without dosbox wrapper. 😳

My similar other rant: https://devrant.com/rants/498891/...

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    This is literally one of the worst things i have seen in my entire life. I feel bad for your little brother he has to use this acient thing.
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    Such acient things should be left to die already
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    And I thought Code::Blocks was ugly and outdated...
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    @frickerg My teacher forced us using C::B and it was really disgusting to use. In UI programming class he decided we should use wxWidgets - idk if you know it - it's the worst ever programmed UI programming methode...
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    What an ugly pile of shit. It almost look like bsod. Thats horrible. I used Jetbrains CLion IDE (thanks to their student membership) and it was awesome!
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    Worst part is they call themselves 'Real C Programmers', like seriously?
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    Man, that takes me back 🤣
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    I'm sorry, I know it's crap by modern standards, but I have nothing but fond memories of Turbo C++. That's nostalgia speaking, I suppose.
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    vim, gcc
    What else do you need?
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    @RememberMe I have it too. Mostly with Turbo Pascal, but Turbo C too. Love it!
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    I have been through this. When I was in the 7th grade (2 years back), I was already familiar with g++. g++ was much better than the old compiler. As you know, the program for g++ was a bit different from borland, like the main method must be int in g++ and header files must not have ".h" and all that... So, I asked my computer teacher, "Since, g++ is the newest compiler and Borland is now obsolete, can I use g++ instead of this?"
    He replied, "You think yourself to be a computer engineer? Just do whatever is asked to do! Don't be over smart! Pay attention to your computer marks (Even though I get full marks in 99.9% of the exams)..."

    Computer education is shit in India. All of my friends try to learn the programs by heart. Infact, some of my friends ask me, "Do you take computer tuitions? How are you so good in Computer??", Even though I don't touch the computer book(for programs, I know I have to learn the shit old theory on blutooth shit)...
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    @-BSD I have seen people who took CSC in their 11th and 12th, refuse to you use IDEs and stuff as they were indoctrinated by their schools to use that awfully looking Turboo C++. I have even tried to convince them ( currently in their undergraduate programme) by explaining and sometimes even demonstrating the features of an IDE but as this Turboo is deeply rooted in brain they simply refuse saying IDE are very complex to work with and they continue to use Turboo and notepad for even verbose languages like Java
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    @goodJVM I use JetBrains. No Place for Turbo c++ in my computer 😂
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    @ladiesman Same ✋ I also use JetBrains' products a lot, mostly for Java and python, sometimes for C/C++

    Yup, with that student licence
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    Eclipse for everything 😂
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    That sucks... I remember I had to use it in when I started programming as well... but at home, I always used visual c++ ( didn’t use or know of Linux back then lol )
    It was fun to see turbo/Borland C crash though, especially just when u execute the code and remember than u didn’t save it 😅😅😂😂😂

    @Root I would also need YouCompleteMe... just saying... it’s wonderful! 😁😁
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    Our school used devcpp or any other editor. But this friend of mine intentionally downloaded turbo c and used coz he liked it
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    Ah nostalgia.

    I forgot the name of it. Thank you for this rant.
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    Fuck sakes... teach the kid gcc and vim instead.. because relevant
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    Woah! I did learn on this stuff! I didn't know at the time but I remembered the UI by seeing it. We wrote in Notepad++ and debugged in that crap. I can assure you my code was perfect(ly functionning) from the first try, there never was any bug in it because my brain was traumatized by the fear of having to use this crap. I even got a 100% on an exam requiring us to use pointers of pointers of pointers and dynamic allocation (and resource freeing), on the first try, with no debug phase needed. This crap made me aware of my code like nothing after it.
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