Since a few days KDE would take 10 minutes to load, Firefox would take 5 minutes to load, and would struggle horribly. And my display would freeze for 10-12 seconds randomly, even in XFCE or FVWM.
At first I thought it might be a driver problem. I tweaked the configuration, even changed my kernel to zen, but nothing.

Turns out there were 3 forces at play.
As for display freezing, running top gave away the culprit. It was Baloo. Baloo is KDE's file indexer, it indexes files so that you can directly find files in KRunner or Application launcher. For some reason, it would launch itself every few seconds and thanks to the 600gb mess that is my home directory, it would take huge resources to index - according to top around 280g VIRT. This caused the whole systemto freeze. Disabling Baloo fixed that.

As for KDE starting slow, a look at journalctl revealed the KActivityManager daemon was crashing due to a corrupt SQLite DB. Plasmashell kept waiting for the daemon for a long time, causing the delay. Removing the corrupt file fixed that.

And disabling AdBlock fixed FireFox.

TL;DR 2 out of 3 issues are caused by KDE.

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