Because some certified motherfuckers really deserve it. Copypasting shit together and seeing that somehow it works doesn't mean that it's good or that now you're a fucking engineer!!

As for why only the certified ones? Anyone that values a piece of paper more than actual skill is a fucking piece of shit.

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    I am glad i am neither certified or engineer now xD.

    Jokes aside, i fucking love it: "Anyone that values a piece of paper more than actual skill is a fucking piece of shit." i´ll wish i could smash the ++ more than once.
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    I’m sorry sir, I don’t has my papers, may I be excused from this execution?
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    @Frederick hehe, thanks. Sounds like we'd get along pretty well 😁
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    @Condor Yeah thats pretty nice 😋
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    @C0D4 within the scope of devRant I'm git committed to execute only code 🙃
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    define certification plx
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    @RustyCookie a piece of paper, defining some skills, awarded by some entity from some location with some reputation would be an apt description..
    Essentially anyone can certify anyone, especially with those smaller schools... The larger certs like CCNA, LFCS, RHCSA and RHCE sure do have some weight to them and I respect those. After all, those are awarded by the people that represent a large part of the industry and aren't going to certify just about anyone, or even take bribes. But the pieces of paper awarded by a regular school? No more valuable than something that my printer can produce, and my printer can do that without me having to deal with incompetent teachers or pay rather large sums of money.
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    @Condor ok that's fair, I agree.
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    @Condor Did you changed your mobile to Comfortaa? 😁
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    @ladiesman Glad you recognized it :D yes, I'm using the Comfortaa 1.003 font, installed by ROM Toolbox Pro :)
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    I just saw a recruiter offering a cv of an engineer certified in agile, scrum and waterfall. Took several manager skills courses, certigied in ITIL and what not, etc.

    First thing I thought was how old this dude is?
    Then I saw other recruiters offering lead roles that pay a bit over 1k usd/month and I chuckled a little.
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