You know you've become a dev when standard keyboard left hand position is no longer wasd

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    Its all about that alt-tab life lmao
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    alt+<num> to switch between workspace 👌
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    @Kalex We've all been on the coding side as well as gaming side. What is your preferred default left hand key combination?
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    It's all about the Ctrl, when Dev mode is on it is mostly Ctrl+C Ctrl+V <<sips coffee in between>> Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Z <<too many times>> 😂

    When game is on, ASD and everything in the vicinity! Go go go!
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    Which keyboard is that ?
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    @vocuzi Havit HV-KB390L low profile mechanical keyboard
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    In my first keyboard the WASD keys letters was erased.
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    Ctrl-s, Ctrl-s, Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v, Ctrl-s, Ctrl-s...
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    Or Ctrl+tab. Very very often to switch between open files in IDE.
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