Convo with an acquaintance today, let's call him Bob. He has a small carpentry business.

Bob: Hey man you work with and know alot about computers right?
Me: not really.. but whatever what do you want.
Bob: well it's acting strange and stuff doesn't work, but I really need it for my business.
Me: sure, my rates are X per hour.
Bob: oh... You wouldn't ask money now would you?
Me: well I could use some new chairs, you could also make me a set of those.
Bob: That's not fair, that takes time and skill to make. Fixing my computer should be easy for you.
Me: please explain what the difference is? We both learned a skill and it takes us both time to finish the others request, sounds like a fair business trade to me?
Bob: but computers don't take skill to handle...
Me: well have fun fixing it on your own then

Why do people still think fixing computers should be seen as trivial and done for free, while asking money to fix anything else seems to be broadly accepted..

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