tl;dr: school sucks.

I want to know who in their right mind thought that forced assignments are a good idea? We have a project in one of our classes. The goal is to design a set of logos, make a flyer, make a website, and make a social media. I was fine with everything up until the social media part. If you couldn’t guess, it’s mandatory. I don’t feel like using Facebook, nor Instagram, so I used twitter. I at this point in the assignment, I have pretty much gave up. The requirements required me to have at least 20 followers and some amount of posts, 1/day. I didn’t care to meet it. BUT. Why must I include the hours of operation and an address??? WHY? ITS A FRIKEN FLOORING COMPANY! WHAT DO THE HOURS MATTER? WHO CARES FOR AN ADDRESS? I have a link to the website that you can send an email to them with. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?!? C’mon people, if you are going to force us to get together with a client and make this thing for them, for free no less, can’t you at least consider the client’s needs?


At least I’m out of here in just over a week.

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    If this us the worst assignment you've got to deal with, count yourself lucky. That's easy as fuck dude. Like seriously? If I got graded for doing something this easy, I'd be happy as fuck.

    You probably should've used Instagram if you want quick and easy followers to get to the required 20. Lots of people use bots that follow people who post with a certain hashtag. So just post a few pictures with a fuck ton of hashtags and boom! you've got your 20 followers in less than 24 hours.

    1 post a day? Unless you're a basic female who spends 45 minutes on her captions or a wannabe social media star who tries too hard, then one post a day takes like 3 minutes. Wake up and post then it's already over with for the day.

    Not trying to be rude at all, but this seems more like you being lazy just because you dislike the assignment. Well hate to bust your balls, but you'll probably dislike things you're assigned at your job, so might as well get used to doing work you dislike.

    Good luck though
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    Part 2:

    Slightly misread the post initially. Thought you were just bullshiting the company, not meeting with a real person for a real company..

    Nonetheless, what I said still rings true. Might as well take advantage of the chance to increase your people skills before it's a job.
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    @Stuxnet Well i'm not saying it's hard. I easily got 84 followers overnight and made 8/10 posts required. My problem is that there is required information that is literally impossible to provide. The people running the company just moved and have 3 house addresses. That's easy. I can just ask them. My problem is that I have to include hours of operation. HOW THE HELL DOES A FLOORING COMPANY HAVE HOURS. They work on a per person basis.
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    @Gerrymandered Just send them an email worded exactly like this:

    Hi *name*!

    So for this assignment, we're required to provide office hours and an address on the website. Would you mind providing me with your primary address? I'm also required to put down office hours. I'm aware you don't have any, however, for the sake of my assignment, would you please provide me with some generic hours that I can include in my site? After it's graded, I'll remove them if you'd like me to do so.


    Took me 2 minutes to type that on my phone... It could be done quicker on a keyboard.
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    @Stuxnet I don’t have a problem with communication, just the requirements. Otherwise, we just did our capstone presentation today.
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