Just found this website for Regular Expressions:

In-case anyone struggles like I do

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    @fuck2code Your welcome, enjoy :D
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    I use that all the time, it's a GREAT tool!
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    even if you don't struggle, it's great just for prototyping/testing regex before you put it in code
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    @mjones44 yup with the loads of information it provides, one can learn regex from it tbh.

    I also like the Code Generators, it comes in handy.

    Just checked it is first version, it was so basic, +1000 for the owner for his awesome work
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    regexr is decent as well

    There are tons of good regex sites on the internet lol
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    @Krokoklemme put in your links man, to me I never reached a similar website, most websites I ended up with are just to validate if it was correct and the rest I took from SO lol
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    Is there some good regex generator website where I can put my text then select which part of string I want to extract and it would output required regex?
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    @zemaits I seriously doubt it
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    @gitpush i mean, googling it ain't so hard ^^ https://regexr.com

    Pretty neat if you wanna know what's wrong with your expression and how to fix it
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