Hooo boy the difference between working in fastfood and working in webdev. 2 week salary is not the same ! 💵💵💵

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    2 week salary? you are not getting paid monthly?!
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    @iKameo Paying regular salaried employees once a month is illegal in my province; it wouldn't surprise me if it were the same in Quebec. IIRC here you can only pay people monthly if they're commission sales. My first job out of college was at this real shady place and of course they put all the developers and designers down as commission sales even though none of us were customer-facing at all.
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    @HollowKitty Well, i live in Germany and everyone ive ever met got paid monthly. I have never heard that someone gets paid weekly
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    God, it is a good feeling. Really rushes blood to the dick.

    Or at least it does for me.
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    @iKameo pretty standard in the USA
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