I've started using CakePHP and I LOVE IT!!!!

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    Way faster than Laravel in terms of performance.
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    @mohammed According to the benchmarks I've seen, Laravel 5.6 is faster than CakePHP.

    But I like CakePHP a lot better as working in it feels a lot more intuitive to me.
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    @FinlayDaG33k Faster because of its high requirements server, while CakePHP can work on a decent server.
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    @mohammed Can't judge about that tbh :p

    I do know it can handle less requests
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    What level of a programmer are you?(new, good, hardcore (10y++)
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    @d4rkmindz I'd consider myself somewhere between new and good tbh... tho some say I'm good.

    according to the "10y++" you said, I should be hardcore, but I highly doubt that since I still struggle with a lot
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    i can make cakes, in fact I'm a pastry chef, my first job :)
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